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Meet the curious, bright and joyful Antonio. Antonio is very outgoing and loves playing hide-and-go-seek, tag, and swimming when it is hot outside. Antonio also enjoys playing with and collecting Pokémon and Magic cards. When he wants to relax, he likes coloring and watches movies such as the Book of Life and Benji.

Antonio currently enjoys school and completed the year with all A’s, one B, and perfect attendance. His favorite class is Reading because he loves to learn about new things. He is currently interested in learning about the different types of muscles and bones in the human body. Antonio is very clever and says he wants to be a gas-station owner one day so he can get free gas and plenty of snacks whenever he wants.

Antonio says his perfect weekend would include playing football, getting new Pokémon cards and eating a big helping of Stroganoff for dinner. Antonio is very easy to please and also thinks going to the county fair and then Dairy Queen after would be the perfect weekend.

Antonio would benefit from a one or two parent family without siblings or siblings who are much older than him.

His ideal family would be able to provide him a lot of structure and routine. Antonio hopes his adoptive family would be willing to help him join a football or soccer league because he has always wanted to be a part of a team.

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