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Anthony and Cordae

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Anthony is an intelligent child that thrives in a structured and consistent environment. He enjoys sports and is described as being technologically savvy. Therefore, some of his favorite things to do are play with computers or video games. Although he can be a picky eater, he likes to cook and help out in the kitchen. His favorite food that he likes to eat is McDonalds.

Anthony gets along well with children close to his age and is described as being helpful towards his peers. He also has big dreams for his future and plans on being a police officer. At his current placement, he enjoys gardening and assisting with the pet goats and chickens.

Cordae is an active child that loves to be outdoors. His favorite thing to do is swim and he is very good at holding his breath underwater for a long time. He is also a fast runner and likes playing basketball with his brother Anthony.

When he is not outside, Cordae enjoys playing video games and at the moment his favorite is Madagascar because he loves animals. His favorite animal is a zebra and he wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up.

Cordae enjoys school and likes making friends. His favorite time at school is when he gets to play at recess with his best friend. Cordae also likes superheroes, Star Wars and eating hamburgers from McDonald’s.

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