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Meet Anthony!

He loves sports, especially football. He is also tech-savvy and enjoys music and dancing. Although he can be a picky eater, he likes to cook and help out in the kitchen. His favorite food to eat is McDonald’s.

Anthony gets along well with other children if he is in a healthy and supportive environment. He does well with one-on-one interactions with adults and enjoys joking around and conversing with them. Anthony is a very determined child that is motivated when working towards a goal. He has big dreams for his future, and although he is not sure what he wants to be yet, Anthony can do great things with his perseverance and natural ability to be a leader.

The ideal family for Anthony would be a one or two-parent home with at least one parent with a flexible schedule so that Anthony can have lots of one-on-one time and participate in sports. A family with no other children would be best. Or older children in the home that could act as a positive influence.

Anthony was born in 2008.

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