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Meet careful, easygoing, and energetic Anthony. Anthony is a funny and artistic young man who loves to swim in the river by his house, or do wheelies on his bike. He also enjoys playing video games or sports such as soccer and football because he says, “no pain, no gain”. For fun,Anthony says he loves to climb on big rocks and in trees. When Anthony wants to relax, he loves to watch his favorite TV show called, Ridiculousness because it is a very funny show with pranks and home videos. He also loves rap music, country music, and “love music,” which Anthony says may help him on a date one day. 

Anthony says his perfect weekend would include swimming at the river by his home and going out to his favorite restaurant, Panda Express to get some chicken. His perfect day would also include learning how to do tricks on his bike and how to drive a car. 

Anthony likes school and says his favorite subject is science. He enjoys learning about different biology topics such as animal hybrids and the various types of cells in nature. 

He says he either wants to be a car salesman or a tornado storm tracker when he grows up. Anthony would thrive in a one or two parent home, with or without siblings. He says he would like being an older brother because he is very protective. Anthony says he would prefer an active family that loves the outdoors and has some knowledge of German culture since Anthony is part German. The family best suited for Antony would be active and provide a strong routine for him. 

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