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Meet bold, imaginative, and curious Angello. Angello is very creative and loves to play with his collection of LEGOS to create things such as cars, towns, and even his own stop-motion movies. When Angello is active, he enjoys playing games at the library, swimming at the local pool, or doing scavenger hunts in stores. He also says he loves to watch movies such as Boss Baby and funny videos on YouTube.

Angello says he enjoys school and his favorite subject is computer class so he can modify video games and of course he also loves recess so he can play outside. Angello also says he wants to either be a police officer to protect people or a computer programmer to develop video games when he grows up.

Angello’s perfect day would include seeing a movie, or getting an anime magazine such as Dragon Ball Z and then eating at his favorite restaurant, Taco Bell. If this is not possible, Angello says he also would love to go swimming, relax at home, and eat shrimp or a burger at McDonald’s.

Angello would benefit from a one or two parent family with or without siblings. His ideal family would be able to provide him a lot of structure, routine and love. He says he just wants a fun family that he can be open with and hopes his adoptive family would be willing to help him join karate or a Basketball team one day

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