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Angelica is a bright, bubbly and charming young lady who enjoys cultivating her creative side. On any given day, one can find Angelica listening to music and writing in her journal. Of her favorite music artists, she appreciates Queen Naija, simply because she has meaningful lyrics that always inspire Angelica. 

In addition, to writing, Angelica enjoys her English class, drawing, and spending time with friends. Known as a social butterfly, her ideal day would be to sleep in, spend time with friends, and getting to travel the world (San Francisco and Paris are on her “must-see” lists). 

Angelica’s favorite food is carne asada fries, and she hopes to one day share this decadent dish with a family that will cherish and love her. She would most like to be part of a family that will help her grow and mature into a young, successful lady.

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