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Angel & Juan

Meet Angel and Juan!

Angel and Juan are two adorable, fun-loving, and very social brothers who love football, basketball, video games, playing Legos, watching action movies, Pokémon, Minecraft, and bike riding. Angel describes himself as a prankster, and Juan shared that he loves to joke around. Angel is a total ASU fan, while Juan is an OSU fan, with both brothers sharing their dreams to go to college someday and play football. Angel and Juan have been through a lot in their young lives, having survived abuse and neglect, yet show resilience and hope to find a forever family to call their own. The brothers are excited to find a foster/adoptive family and seem to have put a lot of thought into what kind of family they feel they would fit into best.

Angel and Juan shared they hope for a family who enjoys spending time together, likes fun family outings to places like Castles and Coasters and McDonald’s, and watches football together, as well as a family who is open to keeping the boys in contact with their sister. A family who likes video games and bike riding, who celebrate birthdays and holidays. A family open to the boys going to a Nondenominational Christian church has dogs and takes them to places they have never been before like Disneyland. Both boys said they want a “football family.”

Juan shared that he wants his forever family to know “I like football, to play video games, and to have a phone, and Angel stated I want my family to know “I love celebrating birthdays and holidays.” The boys are both very sweet, polite, young at heart, and down to earth, seem to simply want to be kids and experience family life. When asked what their ideal day would be like, Angel shared it would be seeing his friends from school, and Juan stated it would be riding a bike around the neighborhood. The boys would do best in an active family that can give the brothers lots of love, nurturing, structure and attention, and both stated they would enjoy having older siblings to look up to.

Angel was born in 2005. Juan was born in 2006.

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