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Meet talkative, loving, and loyal Andrea. Andrea loves watching funny videos online, riding her bike to the library, and hiking. She has recently joined the softball team at school and she is now the manager of the whole team. When Andrea wants to relax, she also enjoys reading and watching the Arizona Cardinals play or watching her favorite TV show, Criminal Minds. When Andrea wants to rock out, she listens to Christian rock bands and says her all-time favorite group is the Newsboys.

Andrea says her perfect weekend would include going to Chipotle because that is her favorite restaurant and she would also love to see an Arizona Cardinals game in person. Of course, Andrea also says she would enjoy going to the movies, or watching TV, and maybe relaxing at the library with a good book and then practice her new cooking and baking skills.

Currently, Andrea enjoys school and has a great relationship with her teachers. She says her favorite subject is Math because she enjoys solving math problems. Andrea is not sure what she wants to be when she grows up but she is currently exploring her options.

Andrea would benefit from a one or two parent home, with or without siblings. We are looking for a family that has experience with parenting and is very patient. Andrea says she is not picky about her adoptive family because she just wants a family that is loving and possibly help her join a church youth group.

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