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Aliyah is an active and fun-loving little girl. She can be quite talkative once she warms up to people. She is good at math and enjoys school. She especially likes playing with the other children. One of Aliyah’s favorite things to do is go play at big parks with lots of toys and lots of other children. Her favorite thing to do at the park is play on the monkey bars. Aliyah likes all different kinds of food. She especially loves fruit, bread, and cereal. Her favorite restaurant is McDonald’s. 

When Aliyah is at home, she enjoys playing Candyland, completing puzzles, and doing arts and crafts. She loves it when her foster parents are able to sit down and watch a Barbie show or a horse show with her on TV. Aliyah sometimes joins her foster dad for walks with the dog. 

Aliyah would do best in a family with two parents and other children her age or older. She can also be with younger children if well supervised. Aliyah would also do well as an only child, but she does love playing with other children. Aliyah would like a family who can give her lots of attention. Aliyah thinks some fun family activities would be going to the park, going for walks, playing games, and watching TV together. Aliyah would love having a family who takes her to do fun things. 

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