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Meet courageous, loving, and silly Alexis!

Alexis is a young man who is ready for his forever family. He loves singing songs from his favorite band, Maroon 5, talking on the phone with his friends, and going out in the community to have fun. He especially loves to make people laugh and is a goofball.

Alexis’s perfect day would include going to school to see his friends, riding his quad, and going out to eat. Alexis also enjoys shopping and swimming in his backyard pool. He loves to dress up, and you’ll probably find him in his cowboy hat and blazer. Alexis loves school because he is very social and is always making jokes. He especially loves his teacher and principal. Alexis enjoys art class and lunch because he can socialize. Alexis is not sure what he wants to do when he grows up, but he is learning a lot of new skills and is starting to figure out what his passions are.

Alexis would highly benefit from a two-parent home with a stay-at-home parent that can provide lots of structure, routine, and attention. He would thrive without siblings or if there were siblings older than him. Alexis hopes his adoptive family will be willing to keep him in contact with his cousin and friends. His ideal family would be kind and like to play with him and have fun.

Alexis was born in 2004.

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