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Alexandria is a charming, expressive, and talkative young lady who enjoys painting her nails and collecting rocks. She also likes to watch TV and movies, listen to music, and go swimming. She would like to play on a badminton team if one were available. Alexandria’s favorite food is spaghetti.  Her favorite restaurants are Denny’s, where she can order birthday cake pancakes, and Panda Express where she likes to get orange chicken. Alexandria enjoys listening to contemporary Christian music as well as pop music. Funny TV shows such as Friends and Family Guy are among Alexandria’s favorites. She also loves Disney movies, especially Descendants. For an evening out, Alexandria enjoys going to Mercury basketball games or going bowling.

Alexandria’s favorite subject is art because she loves to draw. When Alexandria is with her friends, she likes to play board games and computer games. Alexandria would like to be an artist or a teacher when she grows up.

Alexandria would do best in a home with one or two parents and older, female siblings or no siblings. She is open to being an only child. The ideal family for Alexandria would be able to give her lots of attention and would help her focus on her school work.

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