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Meet Alexandria!

Alexandria “Lexi” is a sweet, bubbly, and caring teen girl. Lexi is an animal lover and would love to have a pet pig! She is an enthusiastic writer who enjoys journaling and also likes to read and draw. Lexi loves the outdoors and the water. Her goal is to get better at swimming so that she can get a job as a lifeguard.

In school, Lexi participates in her school choir and would like to join cheerleading and the track and field team. She has dreams of going to college and becoming a therapist.

Lexi hopes to be more active in the church because she enjoys going to services. She is a social butterfly and gets along with most people. She is charming, outspoken, and thrives in trusting relationships.

An ideal family would be a single mother or a two-parent family who resides in Arizona and loves to travel. Some qualities that she would like in a family are a parent who’s interested in fashion and a family who values reading and writing.

Lexi was born in 2006.

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