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Meet Alex!

Alex is funny and sarcastic. He is very entertaining, talkative, and oftentimes playful in conversation. Alex is not a picky eater and enjoys eating most foods, but one of his favorite meals is a burger and fries. Alex enjoys playing basketball in his free time and is a fan of sports. His favorite professional basketball team is the Golden State Warriors, and his favorite professional football team is the Green Bay Packers. Alex also loves to play video games and enjoys going to the park. He is caring towards others and is genuine in spirit. Alex is authentic to those he meets and always remains true to himself.

Alex is currently in high school and looks forward to graduating in the next few years. He has plans of attending a trade school upon graduation and is currently exploring his options for what to specialize in when it comes to his career path. Alex is very excited about his future and looks forward to gaining more independence as he gets older. Alex has a genuine heart, strong spirit, and will be able to accomplish any goals he sets his mind to.

The ideal family for Alex would be a family who is structured, kind, and disciplined. Alex would do best in a home that can prioritize his needs and offer him love and support. He would benefit from a two-parent household that can provide him with a nurturing family environment and offer him attention.  Alex would thrive in a family that could continue to support his needs and help him on his way toward becoming a successful young adult. Alex desires to be an only child. It is recommended that he is an only child or the youngest child in the home.

Alex was born in 2005.

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