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Meet Adam!

Adam is a sweet, thoughtful, and talkative boy. He is described as being respectful and always willing to help others.

One of his favorite things to do is watch fantasy action movies, especially ones involving superheroes. A couple of his hobbies are playing video games and collecting action figurines.

He enjoys playing football for his high school, swimming with friends, and is looking forward to trying out for karate in the future. He can be a picky eater but will try new foods. His favorite snack is Takis.

A good family for Adam would be a family with a structured schedule and a reliable lifestyle. A one or two-parent home with or without siblings could be a great fit. He enjoys spending quality time with people in his life, so it would be ideal if a family places a lot of value on one-on-one time and communication. Adam is at a wonderful time in his life where he is young and able to learn so much from those around him but also flourishing in his own character.

Adam was born in 2007.

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