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Abrianna & Serenity

Meet Abrianna and Serenity!

Abrianna is enthusiastic, social, and full of energy. She adores animals, and her dream is to one day be a Zookeeper. She says that she would love to take an animal home each night! Abrianna’s favorite holiday is Christmas because she enjoys gifts and family time. Abrianna’s main interests are reading books, going out to the park, playing board games, and gymnastics. She likes going to school, and her favorite subject is math.

Serenity is a sweet, easygoing child who enjoys singing, puzzles, and playing outside on her scooter. Serenity is engaging and willing to participate in activities such as basketball and bouncing on the trampoline. She likes to color, craft, watch movies, and Legos. The sisters have a strong sense of family and enjoy doing activities together where they can use their imagination and creativity.

Abrianna and Serenity would thrive in a patient and nurturing environment that provides structure. A two-parent home would be ideal to share the responsibility of meeting Serenity’s long-term needs.

The adoptive family must reside in the state of Arizona, preferably in Maricopa County. This is so Abrianna and Serenity can continue their services and remain close to their supports.

Abrianna was born in 2005 and Serenity was born in 2007.

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