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Aaron is an active and inquisitive young man, who enjoys sports and reading. Aaron loves to swim and looks forward to swimming competitively this year. If Aaron could do anything in one day it would be swimming across a lake or traveling to Africa with a million dollars and giving it all way. Aaron likes playing all kinds of sports, in particular, football, basketball, and he has also spent some time wrestling.

Aaron says,“I would like to be an Oceanologist one day.” When asked why Aaron says “discovering what’s going on down there, exploring the ocean, figuring out what happens with the Bermuda Triangle.” His interest in the ocean matches well with his favorite subjects in school which are science, social studies, and reading. Aaron continued by saying “I enjoy my freedom, so exploring the ocean would be amazing.”

Aaron’s ideal family would be an active and outdoorsy one. In his free time, Aaron enjoys the parks and other “fun stuff” to do in the community. Aaron would not mind being an only child, but he would like siblings too.

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