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Meet silly, thoughtful, and lively Zach. Zach loves to play with Legos, Dominoes, and his collection of Hot Wheels cars. In fact, he has a collection of over 300 toy cars and loves to talk about them. He also enjoys watching movies and his favorite TV show is SpongeBob because it makes him laugh. When Zach wants to get his jam on, he listens to his new favorite song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from Justin Timberlake because he loves the Trolls movie.

Zach says he currently enjoys school and his favorite class is P.E. although he wants to learn more about science so he can do more fun experiments. Zach also states he would like to be a police officer when he grows up because he enjoys helping others.Zach says his perfect day would include seeing his first NASCAR event to see the cars race around the track and then eating at Peter Piper Pizza after. Of course, Zach says he also enjoys just watching TV or playing Minecraft at home and eating spaghetti.

Zach would benefit from a one or two parent home with a lot of structure and routine. Zach hopes his adoptive family would be willing to take him to a hockey game or a NASCAR race someday.

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