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Kilik, Drina, Eva and Keyton

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Kilik, Drina, Eva and Keyton are a closely bonded sibling group. They are full of smiles and laughter and love spending time together.

Kilik is an intelligent child with a friendly demeanor. He loves to tell stories, build things with his friends and has an interest in gardening. He enjoys school and doing his school work. He states that his favorite subject is Math. His favorite foods are rice and baked potato with butter and his favorite thing to do with his siblings is play video games and go swimming.

Eva loves to read chapter books and enjoys going to the library. She is very bonded with Kilik and looks forward to visits with him. Eva’s favorite movie at the moment is Moana because she likes the music and she also has some Frozen toys and posters in her room that she shares with Drina. Eva’s favorite subjects are math, science and reading.

Drina is a very talkative and happy girl, with an adorable smile. She enjoys school and her favorite subject is science. At home, Drina likes playing with her Barbie’s and stuffed animals.

Keyton is an intelligent and playful boy with a big imagination. He enjoys watching cartoons on PBS and “digging for dinosaurs” in his sandbox. He can also tell you the names of many dinosaurs, as he likes to read books about them and has memorized many stories. He likes superheroes and his favorite foods are pasta and chicken nuggets. Keyton is currently enjoying learning his alphabet and numbers and is doing well at identifying letters.

Kilik was born in 2006. Eva was born in 2008. Drina was born in 2011. Keyton was born in 2013.

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