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Let me introduce you to Jesus, a quiet, yet determined young man who loves to connect with people in a meaningful way.  Whether it’s on the basketball court at the local park or a board game around the kitchen table, Jesus loves to spend time with people laughing (and winning, of course!). Jesus is a typical teenage boy who loves to play video games and watch movies, but what he enjoys most is getting outside and being active. He loves basketball and football with his friends and has recently expressed an interest in getting more into getting a road bike to go on longer rides. While he is soft spoken, Jesus is confident and very social with kids his own age. He works hard in school and enjoys all of the experiments they do in Science class.  Jesus is interested in learning more about technology and wants to be an Entrepreneur when he grows up so that he can “invent things that help people while getting to interact with people at the same time”. Jesus is a good kid looking for a loving home.

Jesus has thought a lot about the type of family he would like to be a part of and at the top of his list is a family that is “supportive” and has a “strong family bond”. He imagines being a part of a family that spends time together, both at home and going on adventures, and that talks about what’s going on in each other’s lives. Jesus would do best in a 2 parent home and his preference would be a smaller family so that the home “isn’t too noisy”, though he’s willing to be flexible in this area.  Jesus is a great kid looking to join a close-knit family with room for one more.

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