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Jeremiah is a happy 7 year-old boy who enjoys being held and talked to. He is non-verbal, non-ambulatory, and partially blind but he communicates by making groaning sounds and is able to track shadows and sounds. He responds positively to familiar voices and sounds and enjoys listening to music at high volumes. Jeremiah is able to kick and move his arms as a form of dancing and to show that he is happy. When touched and spoken to, Jeremiah will smile and blow kisses.

Jeremiah requires mainly one-on-one attention as he is completely reliant upon a caretaker. Jeremiah is able to eat solids and has a great appetite. He receives occupational and physical therapy at school. He also sees various medical specialists regularly for his well-being and development.

The ideal family for Jeremiah is one that is patient, loving, supportive and able to meet his physical, medical and emotional needs. He would also benefit from being a part of a family with no young children as Jeremiah requires a lot of attention; in a family with older children he would do great.

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