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Daniel is an outgoing, polite and talkative 14-year old boy. He is very confident in his abilities to play sports such as football and baseball and states that maybe one day he’ll be able to play in college. Daniel strives in situations where there are clear expectations and structure. He recognizes his ability to grow in this type of enviornment as well as his ability to adapt. He easily makes friends and most kids his age would say that he is a really cool guy to hang out with.

He loves Mexican food, seafood in particular, and he likes to watch and play football. Daniel describes a fond memory of his as going to a ranch in Mexico and really enjoying the outdoors and the animals.

The ideal family for Daniel would be one with lots of structure and time to give him. He would welcome a bilingual family as he enjoys speaking english and spanish. The family would be patient in understanding that the relationship will build slowly but that he does desire to be in a home surrounded by the warmth only a family can give. Daniel would do well in home where there are kids much older or much younger.

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