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Connor and Monica

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Connor is a 11 year-old, very likable, lovable and bright eyed child. He is easy to converse with and is respectful to everyone he encounters. Connor’s favorite subjects in school are science and math and at recess, he plays soccer with his friends. Connor has a self-proclaimed obsession with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but what he most enjoys is playing video games. His favorite video games are Roblox and Lego Marvel.

Monica is a 8 year-old, smart, fun and happy child. She enjoys conversing about animals and likes kittens the best. Monica is easy to get along with and always has fun and detailed stories to share. She is open to developing new relationships in her life, but can be reserved when talking about her past and feelings. Monica enjoys school and when she grows up, she wants to be a gymnast. She is also interested in learning how to play the recorder.

Connor and Monica have an age appropriate understanding of what adoption is and have positive attitudes about finding a forever home. The children would do well with a one or two parent family and Connor’s only request is that they are “nice people who treat me good”. Neither would mind having more siblings, but definitely want to find a forever home together. Connor and Monica would thrive in a structured home with lots of love, attention and understanding as they continue to work through and process their past trauma.

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