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Christina and Tavares

Christina and Tavares (T.J.) both consider themselves a good friend to others because they stick up for their friends.  These close siblings admit they are usually shy at first, but when they get to know someone they get pretty talkative!

T.J. loves to wrestle, ride his bike, and read. His favorite book is The Outsiders. He is also part of the Card Club at school where plays magic cards with other kids.

Christina loves animals and hopes to be a veterinarian one day. Her favorite animal is a kitten and she would really like to have one!

When it comes to food, their tastes differ: Christina is a big fan of Chinese food and her favorite place to eat is at Panda Express. T.J.’s favorite food is pizza and he could always go for a pizza with cheese, sausage, and pepperoni on it!

Both Christina and T.J. enjoy school but each would like to get better at doing homework.

Christina was born in 2001. T.J. was born in 2003.

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