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Andrew and Aaron

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 Andrew is a quiet and kind 16 year old and Aaron is a charming and funny 13 year old. These brothers like spending time together especially outside. Andrew likes to play sports especially if it’s football or basketball. His favorite football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and KC is his favorite basketball team. Andrew one day aspires to play in the NBA. In his free time, Andrew likes watching tv (favorite shows are the Sweet Life of an American Teenager and Walking Dead), riding his bike, swimming, and playing basketball or football. One day he hopes to become fluent in Spanish and is teaching himself to speak it little by little currently. Andrew would like to attend Ohio State for college and he hopes to be Special Agent Bomb Technician when he grows up.

Aaron wants you to know that he likes to be clean, but may need a reminder or two about keeping his room tidy. He loves food and some of his favorites are burritos, soft tacos, and sausage. Aaron, like his brother, likes to play and watch football. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys playing Xbox 360 and watching Teen Titans Go. Aaron also likes riding his bike and swimming. Aaron would like to learn German one day and aspires to be on the SWAT team.

Andrew and Aaron would do well in a two parent home with younger siblings or being the only children. Consistent structure, love and patience are qualities needed to be care for the boys. Andrew and Aaron want a forever family that is active, stable, loving and caring, and has similar interests to them.

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